Preventive Care Support & Resources

At Clorox, we’re here to help you be well and thrive—and that includes supporting a healthy lifestyle! Getting your annual physical (well visit), staying on top of routine screenings, and managing chronic conditions are all critical ways to keep your health and future in focus. The benefits of preventive care and screenings go far beyond you; when you prioritize your own health, you’re also showing care for your family and friends by doing everything you can to stay around for life’s precious moments.

As an organization, Clorox is focused on making preventive care and routine screenings a top priority among our teammates. Use this page to learn more about why preventive care is so important and the resources and programs we offer!

Ready. Set. Screen. Prioritize Your Preventive Care

Ready. Set. Screen. with ribbon

Routine screenings are essential to your long-term health and well-being. Often, they will turn up nothing, bringing you peace of mind. Sometimes, however, they may uncover an issue that requires your attention, which you can treat before it gets worse — potentially saving your life.

While getting preventive screenings may not seem like a big deal if you “feel” healthy, statistics show a decline in preventive care correlates with a rise in people discovering later-stage cancers and other critical conditions once they finally do decide to visit the doctor.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Click the video to hear from Natalie Hovany, VP, HR Business Partnership at Clorox. Natalie’s routine mammogram uncovered triple negative breast cancer, despite not having any symptoms. Natalie’s initiative to get a preventive screening quite literally saved her life by allowing her doctors to quickly diagnose the cancer and put a treatment plan in place.

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Learn more about how to put your health in focus by attending an upcoming webinar. Visit the Events and Reminders section on Clxhub to save them to your calendar and click the links below to access.

May 2 Women’s Health Webinar Replay

June 6 Men’s Health Webinar Replay

Women’s Health Webinar Presentation

Men’s Health Webinar Presentation

Women’s Health Checklist

Men’s Health Checklist

Find the Right Preventive Care — and Providers — for You

Your recommended screenings depend on your personal situation — including your family history, ethnicity, existing health conditions, current lifestyle and more — so it is important to discuss what you need with your primary care provider (PCP).

Even if your health plan doesn’t require you to elect a PCP, it’s important to establish one for your ongoing healthcare needs. You’ll establish trust with your doctor, which will lead to open communication and the most effective ongoing care possible. A PCP can provide preventive care, recommend healthy lifestyle choices, review your family history, identify and treat common medical conditions and refer you to the right specialists.

Take the first step to schedule a preventive screening
Remember, in-network preventive care is covered at no cost to you. Schedule an appointment with your PCP to determine which screenings are right for you, and let them help you get one on the calendar!

The HSA (Partnership in Health) Plan

The PPO (Surest) Plan

The Kaiser Plan

Preventive Care Support Across Many Clorox Benefits

When you think about preventive care support, your mind probably jumps to medical coverage. And while all of our medical plans include no-cost in-network preventive care, many of our other benefits also have resources to help you make your health a priority. Here’s a quick snapshot:

Vendor Benefit Type Preventive Care Support Learn More

Medical Coverage
  • No cost in-network preventive care (includes annual well visit, screenings, vaccinations)
  • Support finding doctors for preventive care and screenings

UHC: Click here

Surest: Click here

Kaiser: Click here

Prescription Drug Coverage (for HSA and PPO plans)
  • $5 in-network copay for preventive medications
  • Covers prescriptions that allow you to manage illnesses and conditions, and prevent them from getting worse
Click here
Family-Forming/Hormonal Health Benefits Clorox provides a $20,000 combined lifetime benefit for fertility, adoption, surrogacy and hormonal support.

The eligibility for these benefits differ:
  • Clorox teammates and their spouse/partner enrolled in a Clorox-sponsored medical plan can use the $20,000 lifetime maximum for fertility and hormonal health support.
  • All benefits eligible Clorox teammates can use the $20,000 lifetime maximum for adoption and surrogacy services. Enrollment in a Clorox sponsored medical plan is not required for these services.
Click here
Chronic Condition Management Program
  • Support for medical plan members living with diabetes, prediabetes or high blood pressure (hypertension)
  • This program is no cost if you are enrolled in a Clorox sponsored medical plan
Click here
Medical Second Opinion
  • Confirm and review diagnoses, treatment plans and surgical procedures for a wide range of specialties, including cancer, heart disease, women’s and men’s unique health issues at no cost.
  • Connect with a board-certified specialist from a top medical institution for an online second opinion consultation.
Click here
Dental Coverage
  • No cost preventive care (cleanings, etc.)
Click here
Vision Coverage
  • Exam every 12 months, covered after $10 copay
Click here
Hospital Indemnity, Critical Illness, Accident Insurance Cash payouts for Hospital Indemnity and Critical Illness enrollees:
  • $50 per member per year for routine preventive exams
  • Equals up to $100 per year for members enrolled in both Hospital Indemnity and Critical Illness insurance
Click here
Short-Term and Long-Term Disability (STD & LTD)
  • Short-term disability: 100% of your bi-weekly base pay for six weeks, followed by pay at 66.67% for a specified number of weeks depending on your state of residence
  • Long-term disability: 60% of your monthly base pay
Click here

Wellness Rewards
  • Earn points for tracking healthy activities, preventive care and more toward $100 in PulseCash
Click here
Weight Management
  • Get personalized support for weight loss to stay healthy and prevent serious illness.
  • This program is covered at no cost if you are enrolled in the medical plan.
Click here
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • No cost support from licensed Care Navigators
  • 8 free therapy sessions for you and your household family members ages 6+.
  • Library of wellness exercises to promote your holistic well-being
Click here
(access code: clorox)
Mental Well-Being & Mindfulness App
  • Access to meditation, mindfulness, sleep and stress management exercises
  • Available at no cost to employees and up to 5 household dependents
Click here
Caregiving Support
  • Backup care if you need child or elder care while attending your appointments or screenings
Click here

How is Your Mental Health?

Are you fearful of getting an exam or screening because you’re afraid of what the results might be? Have you received a diagnosis and are struggling to cope? Are you finding it difficult to support your loved one through their diagnosis?

Whatever challenge you may be facing, remember Spring Health and Calm are available at no cost to you and your household family members. Click here to learn more.

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